About us

DTV HINDI , a technology site in Brazil, created in 2005 by Nicolas Muller, today brings daily news, articles, tips and reviews of technology products such as smartphones, notebooks, peripherals and other gadgets.

DTV HINDI was launched on July 4, 2022, created by DIGITAL TREND. The editorial of DIGITAL TREND currently includes bringing news and information about technology, products such as cell phones, notebooks, headphones and other peripherals. We also cover digital entertainment, with tips on what to watch on major streaming platforms. 

We thoroughly test the cell phones that are sold in the country, DTV is responsible for the best cell phone game test in India, where we classify each cell phone in different games. 

We also offer weekly content that helps people solve problems in apps like WhatsApp, solve problems with Android phones, and even problems with their computers. 

Weekly, we create lists of entertainment tips, such as which movies to watch, or what’s new on streaming platforms. 

DTV HINDI da Net has a team of editors at DTV HINDI headquarters, there are also collaborators spread throughout the national territory, bringing new and accurate information to you, the reader.