After grand celebration of New Year in Dubai… Dhoni and company returned home, Sakshi shared a special picture


Mahendra Singh Dhoni had gone to Dubai with his family to celebrate the New Year, Dhoni’s disciple Rishabh Pant was also present with him in Dubai.

MS Dhoni Rishabh Pant (Photo Source: X/Twitter)

Even after the ODI World Cup 2023, there has been no reduction in the excitement of cricket. team india Won the second test against South Africa by 7 wickets. This was also the shortest Test match in terms of balls. The next season of the world’s most talked about league IPL is also going to knock among the fans soon. In which fans are desperate to see Thala Dhoni.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni went to Dubai with his family to celebrate the New Year. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s disciple Rishabh Pant was also present with him in Dubai. Amidst celebrating the New Year, Dhoni and company have returned to India, pictures of which Sakshi Dhoni has shared on social media.

Sakshi Dhoni shared a special picture

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was seen welcoming the New Year with a bang in Dubai with his family, Rishabh Pant and some friends. On the night of 31st December, everyone had a grand party, the pictures and videos of which went viral. Now everyone’s long holiday is over.

Sakshi Dhoni has shared a story on Instagram, in which MS Dhoni, Sakshi, Rishabh Pant and another person are seen with them. This picture is of the business class of the plane. Everyone has now returned back to India.

Rishabh Pant will return to IPL

Indian young player Rishabh Pant had a very bad car accident in December 2022. Rishabh Pant is now ready to return to the field after his courage and prayers of the fans. Delhi Capitals has named Rishabh Pant as the captain for IPL 2024. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the moment when Rishabh Pant will enter the field with the bat.

Whereas Thala Dhoni had won the fifth title for Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2023. Dhoni had promised the fans that he would play one more season. CSK fans are also very desperate to see Thala back in the field.

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