At the age of 15, this player started trying to become like Virat-Rohit, today he is making waves in international cricket.


David Bedingham recently made his debut against India in Centurion.

Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and David Bedingham (Pic Source-Twitter)

South African cricketer David Bedingham recently made his debut against India in Centurion. Meanwhile, he has revealed his cricketing journey. Unlike other cricketers, Bedingham’s idols were not only international stars, David Bedingham also admired his technique.

That said, when I was 15 or 18, I was definitely trying to adapt my technique to his. If my game was bad, I would change my technique to try to copy Kohli’s style, and if I failed again, I would try Rohit Sharma’s style.

Now Bedingham is playing against Virat-Rohit

Let us tell you that Bedingham is currently playing against his idols Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. He is currently moving forward rapidly. “I have only seen him and now to get a chance to play against him is very special,” Bedingham said ahead of the upcoming second Test at home. The 29-year-old cricketer made it clear that I think it was just love and work for me rather than a desire to play for England.

Talking about the long wait for his Test debut, Bedingham said, whether it had happened three years ago or a week ago, it would have been fine for me. But I think because I have played a lot of cricket and seen ups and downs, I am better prepared for Test cricket.

The South African cricketer said, last week was a joyous one and the experience of first-class cricket helped me keep my emotions down during the Test match and focus on the game.

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