“Everyone tampers with the ball but Pakistani bowlers used to do it a little more” – Praveen Kumar’s shocking revelation


Praveen Kumar has played a total of 68 ODI matches for India.

Praveen Kumar (Photo Source: X/Twitter)

Former fast bowler of Team India and famous for his swing, Praveen Kumar has made a shocking revelation in a recent interview. He has said that Pakistani bowlers used to tamper the ball to achieve reverse swing. Apart from this, Praveen Kumar has also said that Pakistani players show off too much on the field.

At one time Praveen Kumar was counted among the best bowlers of Team India. It was not easy for any batsman to play his swing bowling. When MS Dhoni was the captain of Team India, he got a chance to play for Team India but his career did not last long.

Praveen Kumar accused Pakistani player of ball tampering

Praveen Kumar also played many matches against Pakistan during his career. Now a video of his has surfaced in which he is seen accusing Pakistani players of ball tampering. During the conversation on Lallantop, Praveen Kumar said that everyone tampers with the ball but Pakistani bowlers used to do it a little more.

Now cameras have been installed everywhere but earlier everyone used to do this. Pakistani bowlers used to scratch the ball from one side. However, you can take advantage of it only if you have the skill. If I scratch the ball and give it to someone, he should have enough skill to get the reverse swing.

Talking about Praveen Kumar’s career, he took 27 wickets in 6 test matches. Apart from this, he took 77 wickets in 68 ODIs and 8 wickets in 10 T20 matches. Praveen Kumar had the art of swinging the ball but due to injury his career was not that successful and he retired from cricket in 2018. But recently he was seen playing in the Legends League.

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