ICC changed this rule, now Caught Behind will not be investigated on the stumping appeal of the fielding team.


Fielding teams have taken advantage of this rule for a long time.

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On the occasion of New Year, the International Cricket Council (ICC), the supreme body of cricket, has made a major change in the rules of stumping appeal by the fielding team. It is noteworthy that for some time, the ICC’s Suggestion Committee had been demanding changes in many rules related to cricket from the Apex Cricket Board.

So now these new recommendations have been accepted, after which a major change has been made in the rules related to appeal of stumping by the fielding team. After this rule, it is believed that an attempt has been made to crack down on the fielding teams. Because this rule has been misused by the fielding team in the past.

ICC changed this rule

Let us tell you that ICC has now made a major change in a rule related to stumping appeal. According to the new rule, if a fielding team appeals for stumping, now the third umpire will check only the stump out. Earlier, there was a provision in the rule that if the fielding appeals stumping, then in addition to stumping, the third umpire would check the caught behind (caught out behind the wicket).

After the new rule, now the third umpire will check only stumping. If the fielding team feels that a player is out behind the wicket, then it will have to use review. On the other hand, after this new rule, those teams will be able to crack down on those teams who were taking advantage of caught behind by continuously stumping out after the review is over.

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