“It is good that the match ended so quickly and no player got injured” – DK’s statement regarding the Cape Town Test.


Dinesh Karthik (Photo Source: Twitter)

Experienced Indian wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik believes that if the Cape Town Test match had lasted longer, it would have become even more difficult to bat on the pitch there. In fact, in the recently concluded test match between South Africa and India, Team India won by 7 wickets. This test match did not last even for two days. In this way it became the shortest match in the history of Test cricket.

A total of 642 balls were bowled in this entire test match. Meanwhile, Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik has also given his reaction regarding the pitch and he did not seem happy with the pitch of the second test. In fact, after the end of this test match, the Cape Town pitch is being criticized everywhere.

It’s good that the Cape Town Test match ended early – Dinesh Karthik

Speaking to Cricbuzz about the Cape Town pitch, Dinesh Karthik said, “If more cracks had opened up on the pitch over time, batting could have been really difficult. It would have been difficult in such a way that the batsmen could have suffered body injuries. So in a way, it’s good that the match ended so quickly and no players were injured.

Dinesh Karthik also said that, Jasprit Bumrah’s six wickets swung the momentum back in India’s favour. The momentum quickly shifted in favor of the hosts after the Proteas took six wickets without giving away any runs and wrapped up the Indian innings.

The wicketkeeper batsman further said, “We needed seven wickets and the Test could have gone either way. But he (Bumrah) comes and takes five wickets and shows that he is on a mission. Some of the greatest bowlers in the world would be envious of his stats. I can promise that right now there will be no batsman in the world who would want to bat against him.”

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