Ranji Trophy 2024: Day 4 Highlights: Points table, scorecard and who made what records, know everything here-


Ranji Trophy 2024 (Photo Source: X/Twitter)

Ranji Trophy 2024: Ranji Trophy It has started in different corners of India from 5th January. The teams would like to hoist the flag by showing their brilliant game in this big tournament of domestic cricket. In Ranji Trophy, 32 teams are divided into four different groups of 8 teams each. January 8 was the fourth day of Ranji Trophy, let us tell you how the condition of all the group matches was today-

Ranji Trophy 2024: See all the updates of the fourth day’s play

Elite Group-A

Saurashtra vs Jharkhand: The match between Saurashtra and Jharkhand was canceled

Jharkhand- 142/10 & 306/3 Saurashtra- 578/4d (Click here to see full scorecard,

Haryana vs Rajasthan: The match between Haryana and Rajasthan was a draw

Haryana- *100/6 (Click here to view full scorecard)

Vidarbha vs Services: Vidarbha won by 7 wickets.

Services- 241/10 & 155/10 Vidarbha- 219/10 & 178/3 (Click here to see full scorecard,

Elite Group-B

Andhra Pradesh vs Bengal– The match between Andhra Pradesh and Bengal was a draw

Bengal- 409/10 & 82/1 Andhra Pradesh- 445/10 (Click here to see full scorecard)

Bihar vs Mumbai: Mumbai won by an innings and 51 runs.

Mumbai- 251/10; Bihar- 100/10 & 100/10 (Click here to see full scorecard)

Assam vs Chhattisgarh: Chhattisgarh won by 10 wickets.

Chhattisgarh- 327/10 & 87/0 Assam- 159/10 & 154/10 (Click here to see full scorecard)

Kerala vs Uttar Pradesh: The match between Uttar Pradesh and Kerala was a draw

Uttar Pradesh- 302/10 & 323/3d; Kerala- 243/10& 72/2 (Click here for full scorecard)

Elite Group-C

Goa vs Tripura: Tripura won by 237 runs.

Tripura- 484 & 151/5d Goa- 135/10 & 263/10 (Click here for full scorecard)

Punjab vs Karnataka: Karnataka won by 7 wickets.

Punjab- 152 & 413/10 Karnataka- 514/8d & 52/3 (Click here for full scorecard)

Railways vs Chandigarh– The match between Railways and Chandigarh was a draw

Chandigarh- 96/10 & 90/5 Railways- 313/4d (Click here for full scorecard)

Gujarat vs Tamil Nadu: Gujarat won by 111 runs.

Gujarat- 236/10 & 312/10; Tamil Nadu- 250 & 187/10 (Click here to see full scorecard)

Elite Group-D

Uttarakhand vs Madhya Pradesh- The match between Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh was a draw

Madhya Pradesh- 323 & 243/3d; Uttarakhand- 192 & 266/8 (Click here to see full scorecard)

Himachal Pradesh vs Jammu and Kashmir– The match between Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir was a draw

Himachal Pradesh- *120/1 Jammu and Kashmir- 100/10 (Click here to see full scorecard)

Baroda vs Odisha: Baroda won by 147 runs.

Baroda- 351 & 258/4d Odisha- 178 & 284/10 (Click here to see full scorecard)

Delhi vs Puducherry- Puducherry won by 9 wickets.

Delhi- 148 & 145/10 Puducherry- 244/10 & 51/1 (Click here to see full scorecard)

Updated points table of Ranji Trophy 2024 after the third day of play (Ranji Trophy 2024 Points Table) See here-

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