Sanjay Manjrekar’s big reaction regarding Prasidh Krishna, said- throwing him out after just one match…


Manjrekar believes that the team management will give Prasidh another chance.

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Indian fast bowler Prasidh Krishna made his debut in the first test against South Africa, but he could not do anything special in his debut test. In the bowling spell of 20 overs, Prasidh spent 93 runs and took only 1 wicket. Despite his poor performance, former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar believes that it would not be right to drop Prasidh after just one match.

Sanjay Manjrekar said on Cricinfo that it would be a bit difficult to drop Prasidh Krishna after just one match. If you watch him, he’s not someone who hits the ball hard. He uses his height. Everything he pitches is a little floaty. The only balls that have some speed and power are the short balls.

Management will give him another chance- Sanjay Manjrekar

He believes that the team management led by Rahul Dravid will give Prasidh another chance. However, he also said that if Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli were still at the helm of the Test team, they would have taken the tough decision of dropping the bowler.

He continued by saying that if Mukesh Kumar plays, I don’t think anyone will be unhappy with it. They will see how Mukesh is bowling in the nets and then decide if it is a good fit for Prasidh Krishna. Because this is something that the team management cares about.

He said that he can give another chance. But this is a two-match series, so we may be willing to make changes.

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