Sunil Gavaskar of SENA Media gave a great class, this is the whole matter


This match played in Cape Town ended in just 2 days.

Sunil Gavaskar. (Image Source: Midwicket)

India defeated South Africa by 7 wickets in the second test match played at Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town. In this match, all the players from the Indian team performed very well and played an important role in the victory of their team.

Let us tell you, this match played in Cape Town ended in just 2 days. A total of 23 wickets fell on the first day of the game, after which SENA media made a big statement regarding the turning pitch. The turning pitch was heavily criticized by SENA media. However, now former player Sunil Gavaskar has presented his side regarding this matter.

Sunil Gavaskar told Star Sports, ‘This is Test cricket where you are tested. I always say that if you are not able to play on a pitch where the ball rotates towards the batsmen, then you may have to face a lot of problems. SENA: The media of the country is strongly criticizing this thing and saying that if you cannot bat on a pitch with high bounce then you are not a batsman.

But I would like to say that you are not a batsman if you are not able to bat on a turning pitch. There are two ways in which the ball rotates on a bouncy pitch. Whereas on a turning pitch you have to go ahead and bat. The batsman should know how to play all types of shots.

Our media should also write about this: Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar further said, ‘Our media should also write about this. But the problem is that our media does interviews with the players and that is why they cannot see anyone sad. This is the reason why he does not question the ability of foreign players.

Let us tell you, the first test match was won by South Africa by an innings and 32 runs while the second was won by the Indian team. Many people liked the performance of the Indian bowlers in the second test match.

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