‘The image of Bihar cricket is tarnished…’- BCA President gave clarification on the dispute between two teams in Ranji Trophy 2024.


We saw a big controversy in the first match of Ranji Trophy 2024, two teams of Bihar cricket had arrived for the match between Mumbai and Bihar.

Rakesh Tiwary (Photo Source: X/Twitter)

Ranji Trophy 2024: Ranji Trophy, the biggest tournament of the Indian domestic cricket season, has started. Teams are seen showing their best game. But at the same time, in the first match of the tournament, we saw a big controversy, two teams of Bihar cricket had arrived for the match between Mumbai and Bihar.

There are rumors going around that one team was sent by the Chief of Bihar Cricket Association, while the other team was sent by the Secretary. Now meanwhile, Bihar Cricket Association President Rakesh Tiwari has given a big statement regarding the entire matter.

Ranji Trophy 2024: Bring another team to create unrest- Rakesh Tiwari

Bihar Cricket Association President Rakesh Tiwari says that all these things were done with the intention of tarnishing the image of Bihar cricket. Speaking on Times Now, Rakesh Tiwari said, ‘There was no such thing as two teams, there were some people who liked to do such bad things. And their only objective was to get their children on the team.

‘But we cannot compromise on merit and when those people did not get a chance to take advantage of their strength, they brought another team to create unrest in the Bihar Cricket Association. They wanted to tarnish the image of Bihar cricket.

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Rakesh Tiwari said this regarding the selection of players in IPL

After the separation of Bihar and Jharkhand, Bihar Cricket Association became Jharkhand Cricket Association. After which Bihar did not have any cricket association. Rakesh Tiwari further said, ‘In Bihar, people started forming three-four associations and started fighting among themselves to get recognition.’

‘After the formation of Bihar Cricket Association, he started fighting for recognition. Then I became the chairman, took everything in my hands and vowed to take Bihar cricket to new heights. Rakesh Tiwari also told that when he became the president, there was not even an office. But today everything is there.

Rakesh Tiwari further expressed happiness over the selection of players from Bihar in IPL. ‘The biggest victory for us is that now players from Bihar are being selected in IPL. This time one player has been selected. Vaibhav Suryavanshi is also from our Bihar.

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