The mystery of David Warner’s ‘stolen’ cap being lost and found was solved.


The mystery of the disappearance of David Warner’s baggy green cap has finally been solved.

David Warner (Image Source: Getty Images)

The mystery of the disappearance of David Warner’s baggy green cap has finally been solved. It was initially believed that Warner’s baggy green cap was lost during the journey from Melbourne to Sydney, but it has now emerged that the bag had been with the Australian team the entire time from Melbourne.

Team sources revealed that a member of the support staff had found Warner’s backpack at the Intercontinental Hotel on the night of January 2. While searching for the missing cap, it was found that the bag was packed in a half coffin cricket bag, even though it was labeled as a full coffin bag.

The bags containing Warner’s backpack were kept separate from his other bags and the label was also not visible, which led to this situation. This drama lasted for several days, in which everyone from the Prime Minister to the CEO of Cricket Australia was involved. Warner’s father even called the potential thieves scoundrels on a radio show.

Team manager checked all the bags

The situation became unusual when team manager Kathryn Wightman carefully examined all 64 bags on January 4. After this, Warner’s backpack was found in time on the last day of his last Test.

Regarding this incident, captain Pat Cummins urged the journalists to get the details of the incident from Warner. However, Warner remained completely unaware even after the backpack was recovered and he was referred to the security team for information.

After getting the cap, Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley also said that it is a matter of relief that Warner has got the cap. Many thanks to everyone involved in finding it. We appreciate it.

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