There was a big ruckus in the American Premier League, umpires refused to officiate in the match.


American Premier League (Photo Source: Twitter)

Ahead of the ongoing American Premier League (APL) semi-finals, organizer Jay Mir got into a heated argument with hotel staff in Houston. During this, Jai Mir used abusive language but why this debate took place is not yet known. According to reports, the umpires also refused to enter the field before the semi-finals.

The organizers were said to have called the police but no arrests were made but “they were thrown out of the ground”, according to a statement. The APL noted on its social media handles that the umpires have held the semi-finals hostage, alleging that Danny Khan, Vijaya Prakash Mallela and Brian Owens were “blackmailing” the organizers and demanding more money for umpiring in the knockouts. Was doing.

There was a big ruckus in the American Premier League, the matter reached the police.

Organizers clarified that the umpires were given a down payment of US$30,000 but still refused to take the field. APL wrote on its

Danny Khan, Vijaya, Brian Owens were told that they cannot blackmail and keep semis hostage as an umpire, but these greedy umpires did not listen, at which point they had to let the match continue. He was asked to do so and he refused and stopped the match. At which point the police took the hostage.”

The post further added, “And these greedy umpires were thrown off the field. An umpire should never hold a match hostage, especially when they know it is a playoff and should not harass the league owner by blackmailing them.”

Renowned cricket journalist Peter Della Penna later shared the statements of the umpires in which Vijaya told the entire story. It was claimed that the umpires have not been paid for their services and police were called in demanding their salaries.

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