Top 10 apps must have for student

apps for student

Essential apps for students – You can do many things apart from chatting and social media from your Android phone. Well, I will not tell you here what you can do with your phone. He knows you all better.

Today I will tell you about some such Android apps which will be helpful in your studies. That is, this article is primarily for students. It is not that no one else can use these apps. This application can be beneficial for you to increase your knowledge and stay updated always.

1. Hinkhoj

This is a dictionary where you can find the meaning of any word from Hindi to English and from English to Hindi. We provide India’s most popular Hindi English services like meanings look-up, Translation, and Vocabulary learning on desktop and mobile devices. We are a pioneer in India’s Hindi Unicode font-based Hindi English translation services. ShabdKhoj by HinKhoj group has over 5 lakhs words and meanings in database.

2. Kingsoft office

Kingsoft office works just like MS office or windows. If you want to edit any file, create a ppt, open a pdf, etc., this app can do much work for you. Kingsoft Office Suite offers many features for creating, viewing, and editing personal and business documents. Kingsoft Office Free 2012 includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Spreadsheets, which correspond to all the significant elements in Microsoft Office, i.e., Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. Kingsoft Office Suite is suitable for personal and professional use, although the professional version offers different features that will satisfy the demands of business users.

3. Wikipedia

People know about the Wikipedia website, but they also have an app that is very good and relatively quick; it helps to know your project, research, and many more things.

4. Discovery news

This app is unique for science students. In this, videos can also be seen along with Discovery News updates. Be an expert in the world of science and nature! Discoveries, research, expert interviews, and research studies. The latest science stories, videos, podcasts, and research are brought to you in an easy-to-use, efficient app.

5. Vocab++ –

This is also a kind of dictionary, but along with the words, the photo of your searched word is visible, and you also get to see its details in this app. This is an English app.

6. Mathway

Students or people whose account book, i.e., Maths subject is faced daily, must keep this app on their phone. This app will tell you the answer when you write your math questions. And also, you can see the answer to that question step by step. Free math problem solver answers your algebra homework questions with step-by-step explanations.

7. Free Ebook Download

This app allows you to read free books. Through this application, you can download the book of your choice; the only condition is that that book should be in the library of this app. Apart from this, there are many such books in it that you must read.

8. Google Translator

This application converts words from any one language to another, which is very beneficial for the students because it has almost all the languages ​​of the world that can be written.

9. Google Keep

Google Keep is a note application. If you have to note some essential things in your diary, this app can do that work very well and remind you like an alarm when the time comes.

10. News app

Student or Android users must keep one or two news applications on their phones. It is up to you whether it is on any language or subject.

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