Top 5 Tech Skills In Demand in 2022. Learn And Earn In Lakhs


In 2022 Most Demanded Tech Skill We Talk About And If Any One Learn This Skills Then you Can earn Money In Lakhs.


Machine Learning (ML), Czech for machine learning, is a field dealing with the study of machine learning. It works with a huge amount of data, which it analyzes , organizes into contexts and then evaluates (typically using cloud services ) with the aim of understanding real-world principles. It stores the resulting algorithms in models, from which it subsequently draws when solving a similar problem.

Machine learning is based on its previous experience, which it further expands on the basis of new information – it learns, just like a person. Gradually, he can recognize individual objects, assign properties to them and connect them to each other through contexts. So, for example, he learns to distinguish a dog from a cat, and then adds additional information to the original knowledge, what is typical of both animals, what races we meet, and so on.

what is machine learning

We can therefore look for the use of machine use in decision-making processes. It can process an unimaginable amount of data for a human , which will bring us a completely new perspective not only on production processes, but also on the behavior of customers, for example, on an e-shop or a website providing services, and thus predict the subsequent development of demand.

ML can then expand its knowledge based on new data even without human help. However, it cannot deal with them on its own – artificial intelligence (AI) takes care of that, which applies the acquired knowledge into practice. So machine learning is an AI tool that helps it better understand the world around it and allows it to learn. Therefore, all machine learning is artificial intelligence. On the contrary, however, this relationship may no longer work.

Mobile Application Development

A mobile application is a software/program designed for smart mobile phones (smartphones) or tablets. It usually has an intuitive user interface , offline accessibility and fast response. Control of mobile applications is mediated by a touch screen, which makes apps easier to use and easy to understand for users of all generations.

Phones or tablets already have some applications pre-installed from the factory . These typically include a calendar, calculator, or email client. To install other applications or games, distribution services are used – the most used are Google Play or the App Store. In 2019, 204 billion apps were downloaded and installed through them.

Both stores offer a wide range of tools for basically all purposes , from weather forecasting to communication applications to e-shop applications .

There are no limits to your imagination when creating your own mobile application. The possibilities and potential are limited only by the concept and the programmer’s ability to write quality code. The development of a mobile application, whether for Android or iOS, is therefore particularly attractive for startups and company managers, where apps serve as means of communication with customers .

However, basically anyone with a good idea can create their own app, either for a game or a tool to facilitate any activity. An example can be Uber, whose arrival has drastically changed the approach to the taxi service.


SEO is an abbreviation that means Search Engine Optimization , in Slovak, optimization for search engines . SEO is a process that results in website traffic from unpaid, so-called ” organic” search results in search engines, in the Slovak environment, especially from  Google Search .

The aim of this article is to introduce SEO to anyone who is looking for an up-to-date and understandable definition and wants to understand the practical meaning of SEO.

We need SEO when our website does not appear in a Google search for the words or phrases it should appear on, or if we want it to appear higher in the list of pages, or on the earlier page of the results . Usually, the higher our site is in the search results, the more clicks and  traffic it gets .

For example, let’s say we run a website selling wooden rocking horses. If we click on, enter the query ” wooden rocking horse ” and do not find our website even on the 5th page, we start to despair.

Data visualization

Data visualization  is a relatively broad field that includes visual representations of  information  using various systems and techniques. In our case, we will focus on the corporate area, where visualization serves for an  understandable and clear presentation of  key company  information  and data.

The main  goal of  data visualization, in our view, is  to  convey a comprehensive view of specific data in a comprehensible ,  clear  and above all quickly way. After all, no one wants to go through a lot of numbers and confusing tables. People naturally read information faster in  visual form than in tables, numbers or text. The results  are then clear at first glance and, in the case of interactive visualization, also  vivid . In today’s busy times, such tools are very valuable for the client.

It may seem that visualization is not such a great science. Anyone can make a quick graph or an overview diagram with the help of basic software these days. However, it is not enough to just  display  the data  , it is much  more important  to think about it  in context . When we can  connect  and visualize essential daUI/UX Designta, important for decision-m Designaking in marketing and business activities, we can consider visualization as a full-fledged tool called Business Intelligence (BI).

UI/UX Design

User experience (abbreviated UX) design is a set of methods and principles intended for the design of products focused on a quality user experience . It is therefore not only related to the creation of a website or the development of mobile and web applications , but also, for example, the production of furniture or cars and consumer electronics.

The focus here is functionality and intuitive control of the user interface leading to a satisfied customer  and a positive impression of using the item.

A UX designer (User eXperience designer) uses requirements analysis during the design process, which then evaluates and delivers completed variants of solutions for various user interactions with the product. Each design is thus tailored not only to the digital product, but also to its target group .

UX design is closely related to marketing , as it takes into account all aspects of the product, for example, the way it is promoted, the appearance of the packaging, the leaflet, how it is distributed and more. A good example here is the company Apple , where Steve Jobs from the beginning promoted the view that: “Design is not just how things look. Design is how things work.”

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