Top Trending Cricket Images In 2023: Top trending pictures of cricket world of this year


Australia (Pic Source-Twitter)

Now only a few days are left for the year 2023 to end. Many great cricket matches were seen this year. Not only this, many players also performed well in international cricket and domestic cricket.

Today we will tell you the cricket picture of 2023 which was quite trending. It also includes Indian Premier League and Franchise Leagues tournaments.

1- Women’s Premier League started

WPL Champions-MI.  (Image Source: BCCI)
WPL Champions-MI. (Image Source: BCCI)

Women’s Premier League started in India in which many excellent matches were played. In the first edition of the Women’s Premier League, the Indian team’s best opening batsman Smriti Mandhana was bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore for Rs 3.4 crore.

She was the most expensive player of this tournament. The first edition of the Women’s Premier League was won by Mumbai Indians.

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