What is End to End Encryption? How to work in WhatsApp?


You must have seen  “End to end encrypted” written on your mobile while running WhatsApp or an app. Encryption is a technology used for your privacy and data security, so you should be aware of it.

If you see “end to end encrypted” written in an app, then you should understand that your information is encrypted for security in that app. Today we are going to tell you the meaning of this encryption and know how this encryption technology works.

What is End to End Encryption ? (What is E2EE in Hindi?)

 End-to-end encryption is a technology of communication on the Internet in which no third person can understand the conversation between two people and the data exchanged between them.

With the help of encryption, all these data are converted into a format that only the device of the person sending and receiving the data can decode and read.

In this communication process, all data and files can be seen only on the sender’s and receiver’s de devices is called end-to-end encryption. This protects the privacy and also keeps data safe.

The most important thing about end-to-end encryption is that after the message sent by you is encrypted, it is not decrypted by going to the server. Still, it is stored in an encrypted format, and when it reaches the recipient’s device, it appears in its original form by decrypting through the private key available in that device.

Suppose we understand in a little technical language, then in the encryption process. In that case, the data is converted into incomprehensible called cipher text. For this work, cryptography keys (secret keys) are needed, only with the sender and receiver through which cipher text is created and decoded.

What does encrypt mean?

Encrypt means converting data or information into a format or secret code to protect it so that no one other than the authorized person can read it.

When data is converted into secret code, that data is called encrypted data. This process is called encryption.

When this encrypted data has to be read, it is changed back to the original format called decryption, and this process is called decryption.

Different algorithms are used for encryption, in which data is encrypted and decrypted by a public or private key.

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What does end-to-end encryption mean in WhatsApp?

End-to-end encryption in  WhatsApp keeps the messages, images, videos, calls,  etc., sent by you secret, which no third person can see and hear. Even your telecom operator cannot see your WhatsApp data.

You must have seen  “Messages and calls are end to end encrypted” written on WhatsApp. Today, we will tell you its meaning.

When you send a message or data to someone online, it passes through many places where it is stored and processed. Many times it is also stored on a third-party platform before reaching the person receiving the message.

Even if that information is encrypted, data is usually encrypted only during transfer and stored in decrypted form by third parties. It allows third parties to scan that data and detect inappropriate content. But it also means that the data stored by that third party can be read and misused by anyone who has access to it.

This increases concerns about privacy and data security; in many cases, it can be hazardous such as confidential government conversations, secret information, security-related data, business deal information, etc., increasing the risk of being hacked.

To deal with all these problems, end-to-end encryption is used by many communication platforms like WhatsApp nowadays, so that the sender’s device does the encryption of data, and decryption is done by the recipient receiving the message.

During data transfer, third-party platforms store this data but cannot decrypt it, which is stored in an encrypted format. Even if another person hacks and accesses it, he will not be able to interpret and read that message.

End to End Encryption के फायदे

Let’s know what benefits you will get if end-to-end encryption is being used on a platform:

  • Data protects you from hacking: In end-to-end encryption, only you have a private key to unlock the data; even if a hacker hacks it from the server and accesses it, he cannot open it because he does not have your private key.
  • Protects your privacy:   No one can access your data so that your personal information is safe; even the service provider company, telecom operator, etc., can not read your data.
  • The government or any company can not spy on you: There are many platforms on the Internet where data is not in encrypted form, which the government can access and use if any company wants and monitor you.

End to End Encryption के नुकसान

Let’s now know what disadvantages end-to-end encryption can cause:

  • In end-to-end encryption, the interaction between two people is entirely safe where it is a matter of benefit but also has some disadvantages.
  • Some misinformation, rumors, and content inciting people can be sent, and no one can monitor them.
  • The government or the police cannot look at WhatsApp’s data, which can lead to its use in illegal and wrongdoing.

 Apps that use end-to-end encryption

Many apps use end-to-end encryption; some of these apps you must also be using on your mobile; let’s know the names of some such apps:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zoom
  • Signal
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Samsung Messages
  • Google Messages
  • line

Apart from these, many other platforms use end tow and encryption for data security and privacy protection.

Summary – (End to End Encrypted Meaning in Hindi)

In this article, we have given detailed information about what end-to-end encryption is; let’s take a look at some of the essential points:

  • End-to-end encryption is used for privacy protection and data security.
  • When you send a message to someone on WhatsApp, it turns into an unusable code through encryption; only the device of the person receiving such messages can decode.
  • No other person, server,  telecom operator, government, police, etc., can read that message between you and the person receiving the message.

We expect you to know what end-to-end encryption is.  You must have found information about how it works and what it means to encrypt WhatsApp.

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