What Is GTA RP?


Modification made by the community transforms GTA V into an RPG, where the player can create his own story; following server rules is essential.

A streaming success on Twitch, GTA RP puts you in touch with other players where everyone has a role in the community. Whether doing deliveries, being an entrepreneur, or a federal agent, it is possible to be part of a fictional online life and have hours of leisure while playing. Next, better understand what GTA RP is and how to play.

GTA V roleplay is a mod for PC that transforms the game into an online RPG, being able to offer modifications to vehicles, scenarios and characters at will. In the game, players must roleplay their characters at all times, as if they were in “real life”.

If the player is a pizza delivery guy or a car salesman, for example, he must perform his duties during working hours and get paid for it.

The game mode allows users to create their own in-game stories, where everyone interacts with everyone else and actions can bring consequences to other players.

Unlike the original game, not all players can steal or commit crimes on a GTA RP server – and if they do so without authorization, they can be punished or even banned. Actions that are not common in real life, such as car jumps and impossible car stunts, are also prohibited.

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Brahma’s Bar on the Cidade Alta server (Image: Playback/GTA V)

Can I get banned from GTA Online?

Although there are no reports of players being banned, there is a possibility of this happening for a very simple reason: the mod accesses the player’s Rockstar Games Social Club account, necessary to play online titles like GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

So, be aware that when playing GTA RP, you run the risk of having your account banned, being prevented from accessing any other Rockstar title.

How to play GTA RP

To gain access to GTA RP, the player must have GTA V installed on the computer . In addition, after installing the mod, it is necessary to request access to one of the servers dedicated exclusively to this game mode.

It may take some time to be accepted, due to the large number of people in the queue. Servers have rules that need to be followed strictly. Otherwise, the player may be banned and never be able to access the server in question again.

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