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What is RSS Feed: A blogger or people connected to the Internet must be aware of the RSS feed. But today, it is essential for all of us to know about RSS because it is very profitable for new bloggers and visitors who like to read new articles from their favourite websites. If you are a blogger (new blogger/website maker), it is essential to know about the RSS feed.

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A blogger makes a lot of effort to make his website accessible to everyone and increase the website’s traffic. In such a situation, he can take the help of an RSS feed. RSS is a technology through which you can track every single update of any of your favourite websites. 

Generally, we bookmark a website to track that website. But if you track a website by bookmarking, then to know the updates of that website, we will have to open and check that website daily.

RSS Feed is a one-to-one web feed format used in blogs and websites where the content is updated regularly, like social bookmarking sites.

If you also want to read about RSS, then you are reading the right article because today, we will give you all the best information about RSS.

What is RSS Feed

RSS has a full- name- Simple Syndication. Today millions of websites are using RSS feed, and their popularity is increasing rapidly. RSS feed is a technique millions of users worldwide use to quickly read the new content of their favourite website. Apart from this, the main reason for using the RSS feed is that the notification of the latest content of many websites comes directly to your phone, laptop or computer.

RSS is completely called Simple Syndication, which is being used by thousands of websites today, and its popularity is increasing very fast. The main reason for using RSS is that with the help of it, the latest contents of many different sites and their headlines are directly accessible to those people’s devices like laptops, PC etc.

You will see the RSS feed in orange colour on your website. People can easily subscribe by clicking on that orange colour symbol or link. And if you like to read content from many websites, then you have to go to those websites and complete your subscription by clicking on the same orange-coloured symbols.

Feed reading software is a program that runs in the background of your phone or laptop all the time, and waits all the time when your favourite website will post new content.

How to use RSS Feed – How can we use RSS Feed?

You will need to install feed reading software on your computer or mobile device in order to subscribe to RSS feeds. Feed reading software is a program that runs in the background all the time and waits for when your favourite website will post new content. And as soon as some new content appears on the website to which you have subscribed, then your feed reading software will immediately send that content to your mail or feed reader so that you can read easily. There are mainly two types of feed software, whose names are –

  • Desktop-based
  • Web-based

Desktop-based famous feed reading software के नाम – Amphetadesk.

And Web-based famous feed reading software के नाम हैं- My Yahoo, Google Reader etc.

Why use RSS Feeds? Why should we use RSS Feed?

Using RSS Feed allows you to save a lot of time. The use of RSS Feed is not limited to sending and receiving news updates. This is because when you subscribe to the RSS Feed of a site, then all the updates of that website are accessible to you easily and automatically.

Every blogger needs to give RSS updates on his blog. If you want to add RSS feeds to your blog, use the sidebar and navigation bar. So that it works properly and brings your new update in everyone’s notification, and everyone reads it, which increases your blog traffic. And this is what all bloggers want – to increase traffic to their blog. 

Advantages of using RSS Feed Advantages of using RSS Feed

RSS removes the problems of those people who find every day on the Internet to read articles from websites. RSS allows them to always get information about their favourite websites’ new and latest contents.

RSS mails all those contents to the subscriber after being published on the website so that they get to know in time, and those people can read the contents as soon as possible.

Due to this facility saves their precious time as they do not have to visit different websites in search of new content. They can easily read the contents of all websites from their mail. This does two things – time is saved, and traffic increases, which is very good for our blog.

We hope you have understood and liked our article on the RSS feed today, which is about the RSS feed.  


Q: What is an RSS feed, and how does it work?Ans: An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is an online file containing details about every piece of content published by the site.

Q: How do I get RSS feed?

Ans: You can try to find the RSS feed by checking the source code of any web page.

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