What is this? Mrinank Singh proved Rishabh Pant a liar.


At present Mrinak Singh is in police custody but he has shared a different story in his statement.

Mrinank Singh and Rishabh Pant (Pic Source-Twitter)

Mrinak Singh’s name has been in the news for a long time. Actually the best wicketkeeper batsman of the Indian team Rishabh Pant He had accused him that Mrinank Singh trapped him and defrauded him of Rs 1.6 crore. Now Mrinank Singh has said that Rishabh Pant has falsely accused him.

Mrinank Singh was accused of defrauding Rishabh Pant of Rs 1.6 crore during the period 2020-21 under the guise of luxury watch and jewelery business. Pant trusted this conman and handed over his watches but in return he got a bounced cheque.

At present Mrinak Singh is in police custody but he has shared a different story in his statement. During a conversation with India Today, Mrinak Singh defended himself and said, ‘Rishabh Pant and I used to do business together. We had started a new project but it failed miserably. After this, Rishabh Pant wanted some interest money which I could not pay him. This legal battle lasted for 3 years which I finally won.

Let us tell you, former Haryana Under-19 cricketer Mrinank Singh was fond of calling himself a former IPL player of Mumbai Indians to carry out his dual activities. He has committed many such frauds before but at present he is in police custody.

DCP Ravikant Kumar made a big revelation

Mrinank Singh was arrested when he was about to board a flight to Hong Kong. Additional DCP Ravikant Kumar revealed, ‘On Monday, December 25, when he was trying to catch a flight to Hong Kong, the immigration officials took him into custody and handed him over to us.’

Not only this, when he was being arrested, Mrinak Singh tried to mislead the police and claimed that his father Ashok Kumar Singh had played for the Indian cricket team in the late 80s and was currently living at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Working as a manager with Air India posted at the base.

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