WordPress vs Blogger, Which blogging platform is best to start a career with

Wordpress vs blogger which blogging platform is best to start a career with it

The competition between WordPress vs Blogger is not new, but it has started coming into the eyes of more people since then people have started coming to the blogging platform. Because whenever people come to this question online, they will be asked to blogging as the answer on the top. 

Friends, in today’s blog post, you will know which blogging platform is the best. But before that, you must have some basic knowledge about both. First of all, know what is a blog.

Blog what Hota hai?

Articles written on the Internet are called blogs. There are many types of blogs such as news blogs, review blogs, and story blogs. To write a blog, it is necessary to have a blog website, to create this blog website, we have to choose either Blogger or WordPress.

Friends, now we will know how both work in this WordPress Vs Blogger war.

What is blogger

By the way, every blog owner is usually called Blogger, along with Blogger Google’s blogging platform is also called. The name of this blogging platform has been associated with Google, but this platform was not started by Google but by an American company named Pyra Labs, but understanding the potential of the Internet, Google bought the Blogger site in the year 2003.

It provides a platform to the users, with the help of which whatever you write on the Internet will be easily read by the users of the Internet. 

Friends now know on the same lines what is WordPress.

what is WordPress

Friends, if you have done research about the blogging field, then you must have heard the name of WordPress. In simple words, WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging platform for Blogger. It is also called  CMS website builder.

CMS website builder i.e. Content Management System, under this, users have a lot of help in starting their blogging journey. 

Friends, now we have got the basic information about both the blogging platforms, now we will know in which case who is good and which platform is best for which type of users. 

WordPress vs Blogger: – How much power is there in varieties?

Friends, the main reason for landing in the blogging field is that a person has the ability to become his own boss and due to the fast coming digital revolution around the world, the means of earning in this are going to grow very fast in the future too. That is why first of all, before creating your blog website on both these platforms, it is important to choose what kind of blog website you want to create. 

Blog Types | types of blogs

News Blog

A news website is a news blog, if you like to listen to or have knowledge of news then you can choose to create a new blog site. You can write it in your own handwriting and by doing a little photo editing, you can earn good money every month. It is necessary to keep updating this type of blog site regularly. This type of blog website also includes tech news websites, and entertainment news websites. 

Travel Blog

If you count yourself as a wanderer, then this type of blog will help you to become a professional as well as your passion. Wherever you go to roam, it will be fun to explain it in the best way. 

Food Blog

YouTube and Facebook are very popular food vloggers these days. Along the lines of this, a food blog is also a great option that can be done in the blogging field. In this, you can tell about the best foods of every different place and can also give its review. 

Friends, you can create all these blogging types in both WordPress and Blogger, but for which type, will give the best experience, definitely read it.

Which is better for the news blog

A news blog is the most starting step in the field of blogging. Although a news blog can be made on any blogging platform, Blogger is the best for a beginner. Because media files are mostly used in news blogs. If you don’t have the right funds, WordPress can be a problem. There is no problem with space in Blogger because the hosting is Google itself. 

Try This For Travel And Food Blog

While traveling, you take a good photo so that you can show it through social media. Although the issue of space is not in bloggers but looks also matter a lot in a travel blogs. There are no special templates for travel blogs in Blogger templates. Apart from this, you can also write a travel blog for any traveling agency for extra income. 

WordPress is also a great option for a food blog. Because website looks are very important for such blogs. Which are not found properly in Blogger, but due to the many options in WordPress, it helps in growth. 

Friends, now you will know the difference in details between WordPress and Blogger so that you can take a better decision.

WordPress vs Blogger:- Who is effective in which criteria

Looks Customization

In today’s time, most of the users come to the same site that the site looks good in appearance. There are countless themes and templates available in both WordPress and Blogger, but WordPress offers a lot of customization options that are missing in Blogger. This is because a lot of the work in Blogger is code based which can be problematic but WordPress being a drag and drop website builder, it is easy to customize the looks and there are many tools available to make it look great. 


There are plugins for all kinds of work in WordPress, which can be installed in the blog and give height to your blog. Which has the most popular SEO Plugin . Apart from this, many popular plugins are available for free in the WordPress store. This feature is missing in Blogger. All the work in blogger has to be done manually. 

Hosting space and domain

WordPress is available in two types, one is wordpress.com and the other is wordpress.org, out of which there is a free version with .com but there is a lot of limitation in it and for .org users have to invest in good hosting in the beginning. Is. Blogger is a good option for this. In Blogger, both the hosting and the domain are from Google. Due to which there is no investment at all in the beginning. 


As mentioned in the article that Blogger is Google’s platform, then control of it also remains with Google. In this, only the things given by Google can be used, that is, third party applications cannot be used from outside it. 

This is not the case in WordPress. Being open source, the control of WordPress is entirely up to the user. He can modify his site in any way. 


Due to Blogger being a Google platform, the security issue remains negligible in it. Because it is a bit difficult for hackers to hack Google’s platform and every blog opened on Blogger gets https certificate by default but HTTPS has to be setup in WordPress.


WordPress works quite regularly in delivering its updates. In every update, many great features are added so that the experience is good. Blogger is the same as before. Nothing big has changed in Blogger. 

Final judgment

Friends, through this blog, hope that you would have helped in knowing which blogging platform would be better in WordPress Vs Blogger . Both the blogging platforms are enough for different features but if our opinion is taken then initially you should step into blogging career from blogger itself, although after 6 months you can shift. But if you know how to make a WordPress website, then you should start with WordPress. 

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Thank you.

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