Top 10 Free Tools to Test Website Speed ​​in 2022


Here we are not telling about 1-2 but top 10 free tools to check website speed. With which you can know whether your website loads fast or slow load. This website speed test tool is essential for both website developers and bloggers. So let’s know about “Website Speed ​​Test Karne Ki Top 10 Tools”. Top 10 Free Website Speed ​​Test Tools for 2022.

Website loading speeds affect your site’s performance in almost every area, from user experience to search engine optimization. The loading speed can make or break your website.

A user waits only 1-2 seconds for the page to load. This is why prominent bloggers, SEO experts, and developers recommend making the website fast loading.

With the tools to check website speed mentioned here, you can test your website’s loading speed and find out what optimization needs to be done to speed up your website.

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Website Speed Check करने की 10 Best Free Tools 2022

These tools are constantly changing and updated. Here we are telling about the ten best blog speed test tools of 2022.

1. GTmetrix

Gtmetrix is ​​one of the top free and premium website speed test tools of 2022. It is more uncomplicated and more straightforward than all other speed checker tools; you go to its site, enter the URL of your site, and hit on Analyze; the report will be in front of you.

Features of GTMatrix.

  • Its interfaces are straightforward to use.
  • Along with the reason for the low-speed score of the website, its solution also tells.

I have used many website speed test tools. But I find it the best and better, and others consider it the best speed test tool in 2022.

2. Pingdom Tools

This is another best website speed checker tool after GTmetrix. It offers users a mix of options and simplicity. It has the following advantages.

  • Users can speed test their web pages from 7 different test locations.
  • The guideline to improve its web page speed score is as easy to understand as GTMatrix.
  • Pingdom also provides free uptime monitoring along with website speed tests for free.

3. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is one of the most popular website speed test tools for users. It provides better speed reports than GtMetrix and Pingdom. It has the following characteristics.

  • It tells by doing a grade-wise website performance test.
  • You can repeat the speed test more than once at a time.
  • You can also see the cache version with the first view.
  • You can run the test according to the Internet browser Chrome and Firefox.

The WebPageTest speed checker tool is both open source and free. It is a 100% free website speed test tool, and its data is accurate.

4 Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Page Speed ​​In Sites gives the web page speed score. This is special because it is a tool made by Google and, according to SEO, by checking the website’s speed in desktop and mobile device versions.

More people believe in this because Google’s results matter more than others’ results, and Google makes the search ranking. That’s why people believe that if Google Speed ​​Test Tool shows any problem in your website, then it needs to be taken seriously.

If this tool were not an official tool of Google, it would not have been included in this list because it does not provide detailed information like the rest of the devices.

5. SEO Site Checkup

Website speed helps to improve search ranking, and this tool is the best tool to check website speed SEO. SEO Site Checkup Tool also tells SEO Score along with website speed.

It has the following characteristics.

  • Gives SEO report of the site.
  • It offers easy examples to fix problems.
  • A comprehensive approach helps you to see how compatible your site is with users of the google algorithm.

This is the best tool to do SEO optimization for your website. With its help, you can find SEO flaws in your website and fix them.

6. Website Speed Test (or Performance Test)

Here I am talking about KeyCDN’s Website Speed ​​Test (Full Page Speed ​​Test) and Performance Test tools which tell about both site speed and performance.

However, these tools do not provide a solution. But their interface is straightforward to use. That is why I have included them here. If you have not used these, then definitely try them once.

7. Website Speed Test (Image Analysis Tool)

This Website Speed ​​Test tool is an Image Analysis tool that tests the web page’s images and gives the score according to the image compression. It has the following characteristics.

  • Speed ​​test of web page images.
  • It tells about how much size can be reduced by compressing which image.

How much can you speed up a web page by compressing the images of any page of your website? You can use this tool to find out.

8. Site 24×7

The HTML and Javascript often determine your site page speed and the CSS you have implemented on the front-end. But your hosting server can impact your website’s speed in many cases.

The site’s 24×7 web page analysis tool is specially designed for this. Following are the advantages of using it.

  • Can evaluate web server, as it is related to webpage speed.
  • Can integrate with various other system administrator tools.
  • It provides an easy-to-read waterfall graph that shows your web page loading speed.

This tool is an abbreviation of WebPageTest, Gtmetrix, Pingdom, and Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tools; you must try using it once.

9. Juice Load Time Tester

Sucuri load time tester tool You can find out how fast your website is. With this, you can test the performance of any of your websites worldwide.

This test measures how long it takes to connect to your site and for a page to load completely. This tool can test the connection time, first-byte time, and total time of page load.

It tells us how long it takes worldwide to send the content back to the browser to process the page. But remember, if you do not use CDN ( Content Delivery Network ), the connection time may be longer.


Most website speed test tools only test webpage speed from one location at a time. But Website Speed ​​Test Tool checks your website speed from around 24-25 locations worldwide.

Its most significant feature is that this tool loads the web page sees it repeatedly, and tells both the loading speed. This shows how long your website takes to load the first time and how much the second time.

With this, we can also see which location our website is being opened and which area it is not. That’s why I use it.


With the help of these top 10 free website speed testing tools of 2022, you can speed test your website, remove its shortcomings, and make it fast loading.

You must have tried many website speed-checking tools. But I think you will not need any other device after knowing about ten flowers. Overall I would recommend you to try them.

Talking about any of these, I would ask you to use the GTmetrix tool. This is my favorite website speed test tool, and all other tools provide better and easier guidelines.

If you are worried about your website’s loading speed, read our article. We have been told about how to speed up a blog made on both BlogSpot and WordPress.

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