Hello everyone. My name is Shivam. today during this video we talk about top tools for mobile developers so as an experienced developer, i’ve got seen that our dependency is either as a designer or web developer so here we’ll discuss some tools which will make some things easy and can be automated. so let’s speak about our first tool that is.

1. App Icon Maker

Through app icon maker you’ll generate different size icons for Android and IOS. this is a web app so in thisyou have to upload a higher resolution logo and this will give you different size of icons for Android and IOS. and that too in respective folder and zip file will be emailed. you’ll extract this content and copy paste it in your project and use it.


So our next tool is sort of helpful for a mobile developer. because as a mobile developer, we’ve to design many UI in dynamic nature meaning with server’s response that UI should be set. but sometimes APS gets delayed too so our work should not be stopped so for this I use tool. here I create a dummy response and this provides me a dummy url and I use this dummy url as a rest API in my flutter app. I complete my dynamic UI work and once I get live app I just need to replace url. so this API may be a static API meaning json will give you a response. and get,post or delete method are supported too. You can go to this app and register your account and use this app.

3. Json-Generator

So as we saw within the previous step that how we created a dummy url for rest API and used it and dummy json data was also set in it. but it’s possible that you want large amount of json data or json array. suppose you would like json array between 100-1000 length. so for that here we’ll use json generator app. so the function of json generator is that you will mention syntax of some logics and it’ll generate you random values according to logics. so what’s so special about json generator? here you’ll see some specific syntax are mentioned so it can generate values according to these syntax. even you’ll mention these values according to your app. as I’m mentioning latitude longitude here so this may generate automatically correct latitude longitude. you can apply some logic in generation tag meaning like skipping some values or null return. this can instantly generate a 1000 length data in some seconds. and use it in rest API and may create dynamic UI in app.

4. QuickType

So far we created dummy url to use it in rest API and used dummy json data to use it in rest API. now we’ve to show that data in mobile. so to point out that data we will make a model class where we store our whole API data. so if it’s a small json object, there is no issue but when we have pairs of large keys of value in one json object, then we’ve to mention it manually. In this many manual errors can occur too. So for this, i exploit QuickType. In QuickType, you’ve got to mention json response on the left side. you have to select programming language meaning if you’re working in java or dart. and this may generate you a model class with best practice in which all keys will be already passed. so you’ll be left with small work that is to copy this code and save it in your project by making a new class. and your model class is prepared . what I liked about this tool is multiple programing language is supportable. because I mostly add java or dart so this tool is pretty useful for me.

5. Diawi

So our next tool is Diawi. All IOS developers are conversant in this tool. so through this website, you’ll share your IOS dot file or dot ipf file with other user for testing without uploading it on test flight. and only requirement of Iphone is that device should be registered in app store for testing. so in this, you upload your app and it gives you a short lived url. you can share this url with a tester and through this url they can install the app and test it. you can even share apk in diawi toolbut i do not use this tool to share apk because apk can be easily shared as compared to IOS. though in Diawi there’s an app size limit in free access. if your app size is large enough, you’ll use paid up mode.

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